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cannabis club barcelona

What is Cannabis Social Club Member

The fastest and most reliable tour guide to visit and become a member of a Cannabis Social Club in Barcelona

CANNABIS SOCIAL CLUB MEMBER has been created for one purpose: to help you find the Club that suits your needs and become a member, so that the choice will be easy and fun.

It doesn't matter if you are a tourist or if you live in Barcelona, ​​through CANNABIS SOCIAL CLUB MEMBER you can relax and spend pleasant moments in your favorite Club.


Registration through CANNABIS SOCIAL CLUB MEMBER will allow you to join periodic promotions and discounted subscriptions, as well as receive many free gadgets!


Furthermore, by using our portal, you will avoid unpleasant episodes with fake street promoters or strangers, who would offer to help you find the Club you are looking for. They are generally scammers, thieves, or pickpockets.

They would persuade you with low cost subscriptions, free products or lifetime memberships to get you to accept their advice, don't be tricked!

Every year many tourists end up in hospital for taking drugs sold by fake Cannabis Social Clubs and in this way they finance illegal drug trafficking and criminal organizations.

Choose the fun, don't be part of the problem!


Follow our blog and connect to our social networks to keep you updated on all the news of Social Cannabis Club of Barcelona.

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What makes us UNIQUE

Quick and easy access to clubs

Satisfaction guaranteed

Free telephone support

Promotions and special prices

Unicità Cannabis Social Club Member
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