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cannabis club barcelona
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Who can join a Cannabis Club in Barcelona

Minimum age to enter and visit a Cannabis Social Club in Barcelona

The law in Spain states that the age of majority is 18. You would therefore be expected that all the Barcelona Cannabis Clubs accept adults over 18 to consume cannabis, as it is legal. In fact, many clubs have a minimum age of 21 years.


There are also other elements that Clubs in Barcelona require:

- minimum age (18-21 depends on the Club);

- resident or foreigner/tourist. This also depends on the Club, but remember that there is no law in Spain that prohibits foreigners from being able to register and become a member of a Cannabis Club in Barcelona. The important thing is to always show up at the reception with a valid official identification document (the only accepted documents are identity card issued by your government, driving license or passport; association or university cards are not valid, as photocopies of documents );

- you must be a regular cannabis user (for recreational or medical use).

It is advisable to keep this information in mind before joining a Club in Barcelona.


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How to become a member of a Cannabis Social Club in Barcelona


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