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Reviews on CSCM

membro maschio cannabis social club a barcellona

I wanted to smoke Marijuana in a cannabic Club in Barcelona, without problems and anxieties.

Cannabis Social Club Member  gave me the chance to become a member of a Club in Barcelona.

In a few clicks, you can send the documents, donate the membership fee and receive information for your visit.

No hitches, no surprises!

J. Davies

membro cannabis social club a barcellona ragazza tatuata

Thanks CSCM!
The Club's Tour you proposed to me was exactly what I was looking for.

 I wasted no time knocking on every Clubs door in the city to find out if they were accepting new members.
5 star experience!

L. Contreras

membro cannabis social club a barcellona ragazza giovane

I was looking for a Club near the Poblenou (area where I stayed) and CSCM satisfied me!

Clean and welcoming environment, friendly and nice guys. Super helpful even when you need chat assistance.


C. Simon

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