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cannabis club barcelona

The Best Cannabis Social Club in Barcelona

Book your Tour to visit the best Coffe Shop in the city

Our special Tours allow you to visit the best Cannabis Social Clubs in Barcelona, offering you an invitation, a membership card to the club/s of your choice, a welcome kit and an additional gift.
Each membership card allows you to become a member of a Cannabis Social Club in Barcelona.
The card lasts one year and showing it at the Club Reception, with a valid ID, you can enter as many times as you want, during opening hours.


Buy the Tour through a few simple steps:

1) Click one of the three options:

  • Club DEE DEE Tour (Parc de la Ciutadella) 50%discount;

  • Club GALERIA PRIM Tour (Poblenou) 50%discount;

  • Tour of both Clubs with a 62,5% discount.

2) Follow the instructions for PAYPAL payment.

3) Upon payment, you will receive by email (the email used to access and pay with Paypal) a document containing the instructions and the address the Club/s to go to.

4) As soon as you are in Barcelona, go with your convenience to one of the selected Clubs, show your ID and the Tour proof of payment. You will be given the chip recognition to enter for a year in the club, the welcome kit (grinder + Clipper refillable lighter) and a welcome gift for smokers.

You just have to enjoy your Tour!

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