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cannabis club barcelona
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How to become a member of a

Cannabis Social Club in Barcelona

Get access to join a Cannabis Social Club

Are you in Barcelona and besides visiting this beautiful city, do you want to relax and have fun in a comfortable environment?

With CANNABIS SOCIAL CLUB MEMBER Tour you can join the best Cannabis Social Clubs in Barcelona without any complications.

The Clubs we offer have been chosen for you based on specific criteria, such as willingness to acquire new members, quality of products, beauty of the place and comfort.


To gain access into a Cannabis Social Club you need to follow an easy procedure:

- choose one of the proposed tours;

- make the purchase;

- wait for the payment confirmation email and the invitation to the Tour;

- go to the chosen Club or Clubs with an ID (current validity) and withdraw the ID chip.







Why can't I go directly to the Club without first contacting it?


The most common mistake is to ask directly at the Club reception for becoming a member, without having previously contacted it, hoping to be accepted.

In almost all cases, in doing so you are rejected, wasting  your time and risking being bounced from one end of the city to the other, searching for a Club that still accepts new members.

Through Cannabis Social Club Member Tour you will avoid last-minute mishaps, as well as receive all the useful information to become a member of a Club and not run into unpleasant problems.


Few but essential information to live your experience in the Cannabis Social Clubs without problems:


- always carry a valid identification document with you to prove you are a legal adult (18 or 21 according to the Clubs);

- to join a Club it is necessary to be a member and pay the membership fee, already included in Cannabis Social Club Member Tour;

- do not trade goods or money outside the Club, you could be accused of drug dealing, a serious crime in Spain;

- Cannabis Social Clubs can not answer any questions by e-mail or by phone, they can only answer all your questions directly at the Club reception, once you have shown your identity card;

- do not use words such as "buy" or "purchase" when you are inside a Club, as members can only "get" Cannabis and use the services as an associate;

- respect your limits, always consume responsibly in limited quantities.


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How to become a member of a Cannabis Social Club in Barcelona


Cannabis Social Club Member is

Where to find the best

Cannabis Social Club in Barcelona

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