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The Best Cannabis Club in Barcellona 2022.

Barcelona, one of the most fun and extravagant cities in Europe and the world, in recent years is also known to be one of the main destinations of cannabis tourism. With about 250 Cannabis Clubs spread throughout the city, Barcelona offers the chance to consume Marijuana responsibly and especially without running into unpleasant surprises.

To help you choose the club which best suits your needs, we show you our ranking of the 5 best Cannabis Clubs in the city.

The best 5 Cannabis Club in Barcellona 2022.

Galeria Prim Club - Poblenou Area

Dee Dee Club - Ciutat Vella - Vila Olimpica Area

Dragon Club - Eixample dreta Area

Dona Flor Social Club - Sants Area

Belveda Club - el Guinardò Area

Galeria Prim Club

Age: +18

Hours: 10.30/23.00


Galeria Prim Club, located just a few steps from Mar Bella beach, is immersed in the unique atmosphere of the Poblenou district, known for the dozens of restaurants and nightclubs which attract the youngest tourism.

The club has recently changed its image and it is inspired by the pop up decor, with fluorescent colors and decorations which make the atmosphere fun and youthful.

Famous for the variety and quality of local and Californian weeds, Galeria Prim promotes the use of Marjiuana also for therapeutic purposes.

The Club is equipped with billiard, play station and snack corner, perfect for sharing unforgettable moments with friends.

The Club offers weekly promotions and free gadgets.

Dee Dee Club

Age: +18

Hours: 10.30/24.00

Dee Dee Club is located just few minutes from Ciutadella Park and the Born area, a favorite area for residents and tourists for "tapas" and "cerveza" before dinner.

Dee Dee members describe the club as a pleasant and relaxing environment, the perfect place to feel at home and the attentive and welcoming staff will definitely convince you of the choice!

The Club also stands out for its high quality products and for the numerous varieties of local and Californian marijuana proposed to its members and for the continuous search for new and particular weeds. It is one of the few Cannabis Clubs in the city which applies facilitations in dispensing weed, if you present a medical certificate attesting to its therapeutic use.

The Club offers weekly promotions and free gadgets.

Dragon Club

Address: Carrer del Bruc, 60, 08009 Barcelona

Age: +18

Hours: 12.00/23.00


The Dragon Cannabis Club is considered one of the oldest coffee shops in the Eixample dreta area. With an elegant and relaxed atmosphere, a mature audience, quality products and with an extensive menu, Dragon is one of those clubs to visit if you are in that area. The beautifully chosen decor and the helpful staff give a very comfortable feeling.

Dona Flor Social Club

Address: Carrer de Jaume Roig, 43, 08028 Barcelona

Age: +18

Hours: 10.00/24.00


A short walk from the famous Camp Nou, the stadium of the first football team in Barcelona, Dona Flor describes itself as "Surrounded by this very special environment, we decided to create a private place. Where our partners can relax and free their mind, feel the privilege of being themselves, in total freedom."

If you’re visiting this area, drop by.

Belveda Club

Address: Carrer de la Renaixença, 14, 18, 08041 Barcelona

Age: +18

Hours: 11.00/23.00


Located in the north of Barcelona, Belveda Club welcomes you with its informal and relaxed atmosphere. Great weed strains are waiting to be tried and the friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you pick the coolest products of the moment.


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